Joe's Breakfast Links Pt. 8
Joe Moline 03/17/2017
1 Minutes

How great is today? Somehow the calendar gods have magically put three of my favorite days together all on this one glorious day. St. Patrick’s Day, opening round of the NCAA Basketball Tournament with basketball games from 11AM to midnight, and it’s Friday!

Before I dive into how great today is I want to highlight a great customer event Cyber Advisors held last week kong pic 5 (2).jpgas clients attended the grand opening at a private showing of Kong: Skull Island. Take a look at this article on the amazing technology behind the movie.

March Madness was the first major event that normalized a form of sports gambling in the office as well as live streaming while at work.  There are just about as many articles on the loss of office productivity surrounding March Madness as there are so called experts giving you bracket advice.  Here is an article that talks about just how much technology is involved in the tournament today.

I love St. Patrick’s Day, and probably not always for the “right” reasons.  There are lots of us, so if you are also one, you should read this on the history of St. Patrick’s Day. 

Finally, as I mentioned earlier, it’s Friday. Who doesn’t love a Friday. And for Catholics Fridays are especially fun during Lent because the fish fries are plentiful if you like your cod deep fried and limitless. The Pioneer Press always likes to keep its hungry readers informed. Here are your options. 

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