Joe's Breakfast Links pt. 21
Joe Moline 07/07/2017
1 Minutes

Happy Friday everyone. It’s Friday and that is a fact. But the happy part is a little more elusive if you read theiStock-640091632.jpg headlines of your favorite newspaper or scroll through your social media feed. Don’t worry. I’ve got you covered with some positive news to send you into this wonderful weekend.

First up, in business news Uber has been all over the headlines with the ousting of its founder and CEO Travis Kalanick. If you want to follow that drama the internet surely has you covered.  But here is an article of positivity where Uber gave free lifts to polling places when the UK held its elections last month.

Locally there is a great article from Minnesota Business that was featured a few months ago, but worth sharing.  It’s the story of how Boomers in manufacturing business are pairing up with the next generation to pass on as much valuable business knowledge through a mentoring program. 

Another great local story is the success that Mille Lacs walleye preservation seems to have created a good summer of fishing for local anglers.  That article is here at MPR

If you happen to turn on ESPN this week you likely have noticed it is the time of the year where they play tennis on grass at Wimbledon.  One thing missing this year is the dominance of Serena Williams.  She is expecting her first child and here is an article on her fiancé Alexis Ohanian the Reddit co-founder. 

Finally, the news of who the teams are for the 2018 Hockey Day Minnesota were announced this week. You can find that information here.

Check back next week as Cyber Advisors will be announcing even more positive news that we are excited about. 

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