International Fraud Awareness Week
Kate Drankoff 11/17/2021
1 Minutes

International Fraud Awareness Week is observed globally and aims to raise awareness of fraud through fraud prevention campaigns and education.

Tips on Preventing Fraud in your Organization:

  1. Be proactive. Establish and maintain internal controls specifically designed to prevent and detect fraud. 
  2. Establish procedures.
  3. Train employees in fraud prevention.
  4. Conduct regular audits.
  5. Call in a security expert.

International Fraud Awareness Resources:

How We Can Help:

Taking the first step in the journey of security can be overwhelming, but our team of security experts are here to help. Check out our recent blog which highlights Getting Started on the Road to Security.

The Cyber Advisors Security Team is ready to help your organization overcome the challenges wherever you are in your security journey. Engage our team to learn more and start improving your organization's security posture. 

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