How to Stop Cortana from Talking During Windows 10 1703 Image Deployment
Caleb Lund 10/11/2017

With each new release of Windows, we continue to find more features and functions that Microsoft has rolled into the new build. Some of them are very welcomed and some are a little misunderstood or mildly annoying.

I recently noticed Cortana starts talking at the very end of the image process.  Not only does she talk about updates but the volume is maxed out for some reason.  This only seems to be happening on the Spring Creators release (1703).  After some digging I found that two lines added to the unattend.xml file in the OOBE section stops this from happening. 

 Cortana Windows 10.png

 Adding these two lines resolves the issue. Just a little nugget I found and wanted to share. Enjoy!

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