Enabling your Remote Workplace
Kate Drankoff 03/19/2020
1 Minutes

Navigating the Remote Workplace: VPN Assistance and Teams Assistance 

Cyber Advisors is ready to help you make the shift to a more remote workplace during this time of need. We are here to answer questions, provide licensing assistance and arm you with the knowledge your organization needs to maintain productivity while working remote.

VPN Assistance

If more of your workforce is working remotely but still needs to access company resources, VPN access may be the answer. Most firewalls offer this as a secure option and may only require user or client setup information to be provided to the end user. Some firewalls may require a user license to access the VPN service. Cyber Advisors can help to provide this information or additional licensing if required.

Audio Conferencing with Teams

Audio conferencing with Teams is very easy to get going, especially if your organization is already using Office 365 in any capacity. If users need the ability to host meetings where clients and users may dial in, this requires the add-on license “Audio Conferencing for Teams.” This is a $4 per user per month charge for anyone that wants to host a meeting.

If your organization is already using Office 365 and Teams, you should have a Teams meeting button listed within your Outlook client. Once the conferencing add-on is enabled for the user, it will auto populate with dial-in phone information. For the majority of our clients this is just a licensing change in your portal that we can provide assistance with.

Additional Teams resources and videos and be located: HERE

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