Cyber Advisors Offers Powerful Dell User Groups
Dan Sanderson 09/09/2015
1 Minutes


As a consulting organization, Cyber Advisors is constantly eyeing services that provide a technical edge for our clients.  When our customers tell us that we gave them the competitive edge in technology to outgrow their competition, we know that we have aligned very strategically - and frankly, that we have done a significant job.  We feel that we have filled an important role in that business.

User groups have been a great success for us.  It is a great way to get to know our customers better and allows for unobstructed two-way full transparency between our organizations. Also, user groups are a great way to simply solve some problems that some of your technology counterparts in the industry are facing. Admittedly, the technology we all buy and support is not perfect, and user groups allow us to find solutions together as a whole, rather than relying up just the manufacturer to solve all of our problems.  Good point right?

A typical user group syllabus will look something like this. 

  • Tips and Tricks
  • Roadblocks, challenges, problem solving
  • Software/firmware update roadmap
  • New platforms to consider
  • User presentation - How I use this widget at my company

Notice there is no "Sales presentation" about solutions....We try to keep the selling to a minimum. We simply supply a lead architect from Cyber to lead the user group.  Occasionally, we will identify a better mousetrap for you.  In our eyes, that is also a great value to get out of a user group.

Most of our user groups are based on either Dell or Microsoft solutions - our two best partners. We are always looking for additional subject matter for user groups as well.  We would love your comments below on any additional subject matter for our user groups.  To get a full listing of up and comming user groups, please visit our events page.

Tomorrow (9/10/15), we are hosting our fall Dell KACE User Group - sorry folks, it is all full, but please check back or contact us if you would like to be included in our Spring KACE User Group.  

On November 12th, 2015, we are leading the Dell Compellent (SC Series) User Group at the Dell Minnesota Offices in Eden Prairie.  Are you a Dell Compellent user?  If so, you may sign up for this user group below:

Dell Compellent SC Series User Group Signup


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