Katie McDonald 08/08/2017
1 Minutes

On August 30th, Dell EMC is kicking off the first of several webinars regarding Dell EMC Data Protection solutions for Public Cloud. This webinar is specifically focused on AWS and “ IN CLOUD” data protection. Speakers include; Isaiah Weiner, Sr. Manager, Solutions Architecture at AWS who will cover the value Dell EMC has created with our built for cloud scale architecture and Pat O’Brien, Offering Manager from DXC Technologies, who will talk about how they use our solution for their customers and why they see real value in what Dell EMC has created.  

Additionally, see the recent ESG paper on how Dell EMC Data Protection can provide customers with a potential 71% reduction in S3 resources, 88% reduction in EC2 and EBS storage costs and reduction of in-cloud data protection by 68% monthly.

Date: Wednesday, August 30, 2017 at 11 AM PST (2 PM EST)

Isaiah Weiner, Sr. Manager, Solutions Architecture, AWS
Mark Sanders, Sr. Director of Sales Strategy, Dell EMC
Pat O’Brien, Offering Manager, DXC

Who should attend: Anyone with workloads in AWS (or who is considering moving workloads to AWS) and is concerned about comprehensive data protection.

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