Joe Moline 12/11/2015
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I recently became a customer of a company and after only a few short weeks decided that I was no longer going to be one. The point of this blog is to share with you my experience as a customer, and not diminish said company or insinuate that my experience was the same as many other of this organization’s customers. Therefore, I am going to be somewhat vague when discussing the particulars of this experience.

When my family decided to sign up for this new activity it was not an easy decision. It involved making a financial decision for the family, a time commitment and it was entirely a new experience. There were also many options for us as a family to choose which company to do business with.

We made the decision and in many ways the services were great and it was a very positive experience. However, there were also a few early bumps in the road with lack of communication, an incorrect billing issue and what we felt was below average customer service. As we tried to work through these issues the problems didn’t seem to get resolved and a few more issues arose. So, not being that heavily invested yet in this new activity it was a fairly easy decision to pull the plug and tell them thank you, but wanted to discontinue.

Suddenly response time quickened and we were contacted immediately by the business management who wanted to know what are issues were and what ways they could improve in the future. We shared our experience and thought it was wonderful that they wanted to know what types of things they could do because having repeat customers and “word of mouth” marketing is important for this industry.  

That’s not too different than Cyber Advisors. We rely heavily on customers forging long lasting and trusting relationships with us. We also benefit a great deal from customers providing continuous and constant feedback on our services and our business. We have set up several ways to get this kind of feedback before it is too late; like in my own experience as an unsatisfied customer.

We do this several ways: First our Engineers and service desk technicians have a link below their email signature which allows customers to provide instant feedback. Also, at the completion of projects our clients are given a survey and asked to sign off on their satisfaction of the project. Finally, our account managers are meeting regularly with contract customers helping to ensure customers’ needs are being adequately met. New managed service customers brought on are provided an onboarding kit with all the employees key to the account listed as well as contact information for Cyber Advisors management.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am not insinuating we don’t have issues to improve upon. BUT THAT’S THE POINT. At Cyber Advisors we value our customers’ feedback and it is imperative we get that feedback and use it to become the best possible company we can be.

If you would like to provide any kind of feedback to us you can do so by clicking on this link: CLICK HERE  or you may reach out to me directly at or 952-924-9990.

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