Cortana highlighted on the first day of the Microsoft World Partner Conference 2015
Shane Vinup 07/14/2015
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At the Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC) in Florida, Microsoft showcased the future of Cortana, its smart digital assistant.  It is interesting how Cortana will interact with us and be an integral part of how we gain access to our data and tasks.  This will all be done via the intuitive power of our voice.

Cortana will be a big part of Windows 10 and is a lot like Siri.  However, Cortana is more than Siri in the way that it "machine learns" and will get smarter over time.

Data continues to grow at an amazing rate and Microsoft is focused on enhancing our client's productivity. Satya, the CEO of Microsoft, touts that the mantra at Microsoft is to connect us to our data to make us more productive regardless of what device you are using.  I know it is hard to believe, but an iPhone was used in a demonstration onstage at this year's event.

Cortana is being further used in the new Cortana Analytics Suite.  Microsoft has been using this internally to analyze their data in their XBOX and Bing products.  The more data you feed Cortana the smarter she becomes at recognizing trends.  This was demonstrated at the conference. One of the Microsoft employees role played being a Chef and used Cortana to order some product.  Cortana had anayzed the data about the group of people coming for dinner and suggested that the chef order some additional food in a specific category to satisfy the needs of the vegetarian guests.  He was able to order the product using just voice with Cortana even though he was unfamiliar with the back-end ordering system.  

I look forward to seeing how this will change the way we work as we move into Windows 10.  For more information about Cortana or Windows 10, please contact your Cyber Advisors account manager or fill out our contact form below.

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