Being prepared for your target acquisition
Dan Sanderson 12/06/2022
1 Minutes

Company acquisition transactions can happen in many different ways.  Whether you are a self-funded business looking to acquire, or you are a full blown equity firm looking to grow, acquisitions can be very risky.  

When assessing the IT at an organization, it is very common for the costs of improving information technology to be one of the higher investments that you have to make.  In today's world specifically, security maturity, infrastructure maturity, and lack of IT processes are some of the more common areas that we see a need for improvement.  Wouldn't it make sense to find out this gap ahead of time?


Beyond the technical aspects of IT, you must also look closely at people.  Does the current IT staff posses tribal knowledge that is not documented anywhere?  Do you suspect any rogue employees?

Many of these important aspects can be chased out of an acquisition before many of the contracts are signed - which may include some type of penalty if you change direction.  A little investment up front to find out IT maturity will go a long way.

Want more info?  Download our Pre-Acquisition Assessment Flyer HERE.


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