Katie McDonald 01/08/2016
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Original Post by David Hulama|Senior Technical Marketing Advisor|Dell|Cloud Client- Computing

The latest offering of Wyse vWorkspace (version 8.6) includes the Wyse Streaming Manager (WSM) as a fully integrated optional component. The WSM installer is seamlessly incorporated into the vWorkspace installation process and can be installed with or without vWorkspace.

The integration of WSM into vWorkspace brings the ability to stream application and user profile layers to a variety of physical and virtual desktops. This enables your IT department to quickly and easily swap applications, complete with enterprise-wide software updates and patches. It also enables rapid provisioning of applications from a central location to multiple physical or virtual machine platforms.

The added ability to monitor WSM from Foglight means that you’ll get maximum performance out of your applications and VDI environment by eliminating downtime and resolving problems faster while managing a high volume and pace of change with new applications and updates.

For complete coverage of the Dell Wyse Datacenter for Microsoft VDI and vWorkspace, please see the latest Reference Architecture and associated documents posted here and on Tech Center. Keyword: vWorkspace.

The attached white paper (PDF below) will guide you with step-by-step instructions on how to capture and assign application layers using WSM.

Application Layer Capture and Assignment


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