Katie McDonald 01/09/2017
1 Minutes

Twin Cities, MN – Cyber advisors is pleased to announce its recent hire of Sondra Matthies, who will join the Cyber Advisors team as an Account Executive. In this role, Sondra will be responsible for daily account management, working with customers on technology initiatives and the expansion of Cyber Advisors sales.

Sondra Matthies joins the team with six years of experience in working with and selling in the technology industry. She was previously with Dell Technologies where she provided total solutions for partners of Dell based off of the needs of the end user. She enjoys providing solutions that will help clients grow their business potential, and looks for solutions that will not only fit the current needs of the end user but that they can grow in to with their future aspirations. She has 30 years of working with the public and enjoys the interaction each new individual brings to the table. She also likes to think of herself as a gadget girl and always looks at each new technology out there. She has a “what’s new and how will it benefit me?” type attitude.

When not working with customers Sondra enjoys camping with her husband and two sons. They love everything outdoors and love to spend time with each other as much as possible. Sondra also has a passion for animals. During the Oklahoma tornados, she housed many animals and spent time looking for their homes. One of the animals, a black lab she had for over 6 months until she found the owner.

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