Joe's Breakfast Links pt. 14

Posted by Joe Moline on May 12, 2017 1:52:32 PM

With my breakfast links coming out later today than usual, let it be a reminder not that I got buried in other work yesterday and this morning, but that breakfast is delicious at all parts of the day. Or I could be clever and state that in honor of Mother’s Day brunches this is actually a brunch links blog rather than breakfast.  Moving on….

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Joe's Breakfast Links Pt. 14

Posted by Katie McDonald on May 5, 2017 1:29:06 PM

I made a bit of parenting blunder last night and it carried over to this morning. Last night the kids were begging for a snack, but we returned home from a late baseball practice so I negotiated that if they were fast and behaved through the bedtime routine we would grab donuts on the way to school on Friday.  Friday morning came and I thought I was off the hook.  They wanted breakfast and so I gave them a typical breakfast, but then almost as if the food was fueling their memory they remembered that dad promised donuts today. 

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Joe's Breakfast Links pt. 13

Posted by Joe Moline on Apr 28, 2017 9:35:09 AM

For millions of NFL fans this weekend marks the most important weekend in the NFL calendar year.  The Super Bowl weekend only involves two teams whereas during the weekend of the NFL draft every team is involved and every team has the same record.  Sure, some teams are making bigger splashes than others, but there is no question the NFL cherishes just how important the draft and all of its sideshows have become big business. 

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Joe's Breakfast Links pt. 12

Posted by Joe Moline on Apr 21, 2017 9:25:43 AM
  • Happy Earth Day weekend everyone.  That’s right, tomorrow marks the 47th Earth Day and fortunately for people who live in Minnesota it appears the weather is planning on cooperating and providing a beautiful weekend of weather, which makes enjoying this Earth all that much easier.  Here is an article on the history of how Earth Day came to be. 

  • It may be too late this year, but one great way to spend this weekend is the EarthDay RUN organized by CentraCare Health in St. Cloud.  There are fun races tonight and half marathon and half marathon relay on Saturday.  Mark your calendars for next year.  Here is a link to the event.

  • I am a big fan of any great idea that gets generated over drinks with a friend and that is what this article entails.  More specifically the article is about Jorge Gomez was to use drones instead of helicopters to calibrate airport runway lights.  They use Surface 2-in-1s, Microsoft’s Azure cloud and drones that are carry sensors.  Jorge and his friends have set the bar high, but when you are having drinks with friends this weekend see what you come up with and send me your ideas. 

  • Finding ways to compensate employees for improving in an area can be a challenging practice and sometimes it can even backfire and not yield the results that were intended.  An amazing example of that played out in the NBA in the final week of the regular season where Portland TrialBlazers forward Maurice Harkless did not take a single three-pointer in his final three games.  Why? Because entering that final stretch he was shooting 35.1% from three-point range on the season and he would earn a $500,000 bonus if he shot over 35%.  Can you imagine if he caught the ball in the corner with his team down three points with seconds to go and he instead drove to the hoop rather than risk his bonus? Check out the article here. 

  • Cyber Advisors is hosting a Hack-A-Thon this morning and all are welcome.  The event is sponsored by our partners Kaspersky who will also be presenting ways to protect  your environment from ransomware. See even details here.
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Joe's ...Not Breakfast Links Pt. 1

Posted by Joe Moline on Apr 14, 2017 9:55:50 AM

Any time you take on being the guinea pig and being the first out of the gate to try something new it can feel like a bit of a challenge and can cause some angst.  However, this is an example where it’s not the case as I was lucky enough to be the first Cyber Advisors employee to take on the Cyber Advisors Day of Service. 

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Joe's Breakfast Links Pt. 11

Posted by Joe Moline on Apr 7, 2017 8:46:45 AM
  • For as long as business has existed, business owners have had plenty of things to worry about and lose iStock-146815412-1.jpgsleep over.  Now more than ever, protecting their company from malicious internet attacks from the outside has moved to the top of the list of worries. Our CEO Shane Vinup was interviewed recently in an article featured in Minnesota Business Magazine about Protecting against IP theft online.  Read the article here.

  • One company we have partnered with to help companies protect against exposure to such malicious attacks is KnowBe4.  Not only has this company helped train other organizations to better protect themselves, they have done it while creating a fun and dynamic workplace.  This article in the Tampa Bay Times congratulates the company for being ranked No.1 among medium sized companies in a Top workplace survey.

  • As companies evolve to better meet the growing demand by its workforce to offer flexible hours and remote working conditions, some companies are finding a link between remote work and higher engagement.  No doubt, an incredible amount of technology has been developed to make working remotely more accessible and successful.  As for the younger workforce this working remotely has actually become more of an expectation than a perk.  Read the article from Forbes here.

  • On the long list of things I wish I had more time to do is reading.  I try to carve out time each day to keep up with the news of the day and business trends and typically am chipping away at one non-fiction book.  But I do not make time for fiction and actually can’t recall the last fiction book I read.  This article from Fast Company discusses ways reading fiction makes you better at your job.

  • Companies across the country have closed the door one brook and mortar locations under pressure from online sales, but I was surprised to read this article from Twin Cities Business about Select Comfort opening up more stores nationally as it reported a growth in sales. 
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Joe's Breakfast Links pt. 10

Posted by Joe Moline on Mar 31, 2017 7:55:28 AM
  • Allow me to warn you; tomorrow marks what is annually a special day for certain people and companies. Tomorrow is April 1st and that means every text message, random phone call or social media post should be met with a certain amount of cynicism.  Tech companies are known to take April fool’s day very seriously, or not seriously. Here is a link to an article in 2015 on the best pranks pulled by companies.   Bonus- another article on the best and worst April fool’s day pranks.  Do yourself a favor and use April 1st as a day to put the phone down and stay off social media. 

  • SpaceX made history yesterday with a successful launch of a commercial satellite into space on with the boost of a partly used rocket. The company, led by famous tech entrepreneur Elon Musk, has sought out to change the world with space travel and yesterday could have been a “giant step” in that direction.  There are plenty of news articles out there on this launch, however, this link from Verge is worth checking out as it shows the short history of some of the failures SpaceX has endured to get to this point with some neat looking GIFs.

  •  Paul Magers, the former KARE 11 news anchor, who has been the lead anchor in Los Angeles’ CBS affiliate since leaving Minnesota announced that he is retiring from the news business and also that he has been battling alcoholism and in treatment.  Check out a link to an interview he did with the station this week.  

  • The Minnesota Twins open their season next week and the hometown team continues to work to improve the game experience.  The Star Tribune has this article on healthier options added to the Target Field menu. They are still working on incorporating the new foods into the 7th inning stretch singing of ‘Take me out to the ballgame’.  Sorry Peanuts and crackerjacks. 
  • I was broadcasting a high school hockey game about 10 years ago when members of St. Thomas Academy Cadets team I interviewed prior to the game told me about two ridiculously talented eighth graders that I should focus on.  The pair was the Minnesota Wild’s Jordan Schroeder and the New York Islanders’ Anders Lee.  Since then Lee in particular has been one of my favorite players.  He’s an incredible athlete who played five years of varsity sports, first at St. Thomas Academy and then at Edina.  He played in state tournaments in both football and hockey for both schools.  If I wasn’t already a huge fan, he posted this article on The Players Tribune this week about what sparked his motivation to start his foundation. 
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Joe's Breakfast Links pt. 9

Posted by Katie McDonald on Mar 24, 2017 9:22:10 AM
  • Are you more likely to have left home without your phone or wallet/purse?  Seeing as we are much more
     connected to our phones than anything else, I think I know the answer. Apparently, so does Wells Fargo, who announced that they are upgrading all of their ATMs next week to allow customers the ability to withdraw money using their phones and the Wells Fargo application.   Once my kids hear about this I will never be able to use the excuse I left my wallet at home when they want me to buy something.  Read more here
  • In rather large technology and privacy news the senate voted to eliminate broadband privacy rules which make our ISP providers at least ask our permission to sell our web browsing history and other private information.  I am far from a policy or privacy wonk, but I would like to ask them if they are able to sell my browsing history for a profit, is there any way that can help lower my bill?  Article here.
  • It’s spring break season and my family is not going anywhere, but we did take a trip a month ago, and made our first leap into the magical world of Disney on a cruise.  I had a lot of tips and recommendations from people prior to our trip and now I see why they felt as positively as they did.  Even though I left work behind I kept thinking about just how impressive it is that they have such a large work force that is so strongly committed to taking care of their customers and making it an unbelievable experience.  Business leaders will be studying the Disney model for decades to come.  Here is an interesting article featuring Lee Cockerell, a former executive leader at Disney.  My favorite quote from the Fast Company article is “When you think about it, the customer doesn’t come first–great leaders come first. You can’t have a great company without great leadership. They create the right environment and the kind of culture where people are able to do more than they think they can.”
  • Star Tribune had fun with it being March Madness and created the Ultimate Minnesota Beer Bracket: Ale-ite Eight.  Take a look and cast your vote here.   But first make a trip to the store and be sure to sample each one so your vote is a well-educated one.
  • Who doesn’t love a good buzzer beater? This one is one of the best and it helped Champlin Park win in the state quarterfinals.  The Rebels won last night as well and will play for the state championship Saturday.  Check out here how they got to the semifinals
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Joe's Breakfast Links Pt. 8

Posted by Joe Moline on Mar 17, 2017 10:37:28 AM

How great is today? Somehow the calendar gods have magically put three of my favorite days together all on this one glorious day. St. Patrick’s Day, opening round of the NCAA Basketball Tournament with basketball games from 11AM to midnight, and it’s Friday!

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Joe's Breakfast Links pt. 5

Posted by Joe Moline on Feb 24, 2017 9:15:00 AM


  • You got to your desk this Friday morning to open up my breakfast links (just like you start every Friday, right?) only to see that just like every headline, I am writing about the weather. Well not quite, but I did decide to share something about why we has humans use the weather to guide our small talk. It really shouldn’t come as any surprise, but the reason for this is that’s generally a safe topic that has some sort of effect on everyone. Not everyone cares about the big game last night and perhaps more today than ever, almost any other topic can be politicized in a way where you are either with us or against us. There are quite a few topics that are quite simply, just not that safe unless you know which “team” everyone is on.  So here is the link on on why we talk about the weather. 
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