Cyber Advisors SOC 2 Certification
Shane Vinup 02/11/2021
1 Minutes

Cyber Advisors is proud to announce that we have achieved our SOC 2 certification. Cyber Advisors has always taken our security seriously, but we felt that it was vital that this be validated by an outside organization. Cyber Advisors provides managed services, project services (including robust security services) and an extensive list of hardware, software and cloud solutions to our clients. As a managed service provider (MSP), we are sought out to help entities create and maintain a strong security posture - we don't want to introduce more risk to our clients' environments.

Why Cyber Advisors?

A very small subset of MSP and IT Project Service companies have invested the time and expense necessary to achieve the SOC 2 certification. We are uniquely qualified to be your service provider. 

Benefits of SOC 2 Compliance

Cyber Advisors demonstrates that we are invested in providing secure services and ensuring that our clients' information security assets remain protected. Our reputation, business continuity, competitive advantage, and branding all depend on the quality and security of our systems. Our clients depend on trust. 

How Can I Learn to Better Protect My Company?

If you or your company want to learn more about how to work with Cyber Advisors to improve your security posture, check out our upcoming vCISO event

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