Katie McDonald 05/16/2016
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Twin Cities, MN – Cyber Advisors, Inc. is proud to announce and welcome Lisa DeLaHunt as Sr. Sales Support.

Mrs. DeLaHunt, who had been a Storage Technical Sales Rep (STR) at Dell, will be assisting field reps with account management, and providing customer support during procurement, delivery, and implementation of Cyber Advisors solutions.

“Lisa will be invaluable to our organization.  Her veteran skills in working with customers, Dell, and our field reps will allow us to catapult into a new realm of business.  We are excited to get her introduced into our customer base as soon as possible,” stated Dan Sanderson, VP and Sales and Marketing for Cyber Advisors.

Mrs. DeLaHunt joins Cyber Advisors with a wealth of experience in the storage industry having spent several years at Compellent and more recently, at Dell. During her time at Compellent, DeLahunt was team lead, trained in-coming field reps, and helped support National Partners. In 2009, she was named Inside Sales rep of the year and attended the Presidents Club.

During the Dell acquisition of Compellent, DeLaHunt was on a team that helped combine the two systems and created new processes that worked for both parties. Following the acquisition, she continued to contribute to order process improvements, new product roll outs, and best practice guidelines. Mrs. DeLaHunt helped support large accounts and became a point of contact for several departments to provide quotes, special pricing and remediate customer satisfaction issues. In 2013, she was voted Team Player of the quarter by her peers.

For more information contact Dan Sanderson at dsanderson@cyberadvisors.com or 952-924-9990.

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