Let's Talk Security
Paul Beasley 09/06/2019
1 Minutes

The Russian proverb, ‘Trust, but verify’ was made famous by President Ronald Reagan during the height of the US/Soviet arms race. At the time, this was meant to suggest the need for validation, even when there was trust between parties. This phrase was very appropriate as it allowed the two superpowers to become more friendly, but left room for validation that changes were truly being made. Validation begets trust and the situation improved.


This is no less true today as it was in the mid-1980’s. We are in an age flush with complex networking, advanced operating systems, IoT devices and a never ending battle for security. Numerous automation tools, systems and applications are used to keep the day to day operations running efficiently, but there is rarely enough time to validate that everything is as secure as it should be. We are left to simply trust that the time granted to our system administrators and the automation tools they leverage is sufficient.


To help companies maintain this trust in their systems and managers, we recommend an independent validation of internal security. Many of our clients already have regulatory or compliance concerns to follow, but this applies to every type of business. Through careful review of the infrastructure, we can further validate the strength of security measures and help maintain solid trust in the people and systems responsible. If you would like more information on what we offer, please see the security section on our website at www.cyberadvisors.com.


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