Leadership Is Everyone's Responsibility- Women of the Channel Leadership Summit East 2019
Kate Drankoff 12/16/2019
2 Minutes

This past week the Cyber Advisors Marketing Manager, Kate Drankoff, attended the Women of the Channel Leadership Summit East hosted in New York City. Kate works closely with the local Dell Technologies team and she was nominated to attend as a Dell guest. This inspiring event empowers and promotes the advancement of women in the IT Channel industry. Created to inspire and connect women working in technology, Kate, had the opportunity to attend keynotes, peer networking and engaged in executive spotlight sessions and power panels - all focused on helping women propel their careers and add value to their workplaces.

Leadership is everyone's responsibility and there is a huge gap in women's leadership across all industries. 2019 saw the highest percentage of women in senior management on record at 29%. Even with statistics proving that companies with female executives perform better, positive progress is slow. Across technology and all industries, women are coming together to empower one another, advocate for change, address obstacles women are facing and help initiate movement towards the modern workplace.

No matter what stage of their career- women across the IT channel find themselves in the throes of sweeping industry and cultural change. Everyone has a voice that must be heard and we welcome and value all genders, diversity, and viewpoints. It is not uncommon for a women in the technology industry to be the only female in a room of males. Women are leading innovation across all industries and have earned and deserve that spot in the room. Allision Dew, CMO of Dell Technologies, took to the stage at the WOTC to address the lessons she has learned throughout her career and her beliefs in combining creative excellence with data-driven decision-making in service of business outcomes and greater customer relevance.

Breakout sessions and key topics of the WOTC 2019 Leadership Summit East included:

  • Uncovering Leadership Blind Spots
  • Develop Your Leadership Potential: How to Engage Followers
  • Path to the Boardroom
  • The State of Women in the Channel & Beyond
  • WOTC Interview with Bobbi Brown: From Beauty Industry Titan To Entrepreneur- Again
  • Men Allies Driving Diversity & Inclusion in the Workplace
  • How to Rapidly Increase Your Power of Influence
  • Emotional Intelligence and Brain Health
  • The Silent Language of Leaders
  • Self-Promotion and a Growth Mindset: What You Need to Increase Confidence & Performance
  • Power Panel: Advancing & Innovation in Today's IT Channel
  • WOTC Interview with Jennifer Hyman, CEO, Rent the Runway
  • Professional & Personal Development

Throughout the Women of the Channel Leadership Summit East, there was also an added component of helping other women, mentoring and giving back. WOTC raised over $33,000 for Willow International, an incredible organization dedicated to eradicating human trafficking starting at the root of the problem. A big thank you Dell Technologies and all of the incredible sponsors that make events like this possible.