Internet Attacks and Ransomware on the Rise
Shane Vinup 10/28/2016
1 Minutes

Internet attacks targeting the US and Ransomware have not slowed down. Last week, we saw major websites and services shut down. The attacks were well planned and executed, coming from tens of millions of IP addresses. Please read more on this story
Cyber Advisors is currently scheduling appointments to perform security audits consisting of running an executable on your network, gathering data, compiling all data, and putting together a report which we will review with you in detail. From there, if necessary, we will recommend remediation steps. We are also able to provide self-paced end user awareness training to your users on how to avoid phishing and other attacks. We are able to actively perform phishing techniques on your users before the training and then over time to confirm that our training is working.


We strongly suggest these services and want you to proactively manage your environment's security. Otherwise, YOU ARE AT RISK.


Please contact us to learn more about how Cyber Advisors can help you. 


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