Ideal Use of Public Cloud

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Sep 25, 2019 3:05:56 PM

Cyber Advisors has the unfair advantage of working with over 600 customers in various levels of IT modernization and transformation. We see many mistakes that are made. The most common mistake we are seeing is emersion into public cloud without the proper assessment of public cloud use.

Those that tend to gravitate to a “complete” workload shift to public cloud are now in a risky situation of cost control as well as understanding of economics behind that workloads that they have shifted into full public cloud. We are finding that shifting the workload(s) that were dropped into public cloud now cost 10X to move back on premise. This is a costly mistake that can be avoided.

We believe a great first entry point into public cloud dictated by pictures below. As in diagram #1, most organizations are purchasing on premise infrastructure to accommodate the highest peaks and spikes of their workload needs – which lends itself to an old school mentality. The problem with purchasing in the fashion is that you are capitalizing infrastructure that will likely not be fully utilized. You are getting $0.80 for each IT infrastructure dollar spent.

Asking our customers to look at public cloud with a different approach is dictated in diagram #2. IT organizations should purchase on premise infrastructure at the lowest peaks and spikes. Using public cloud as a “operational balloon” to absorb the spikes and peaks (and pay for them when needed) allows the IT dollar to be valued as close to the full value as possible.

Ideal Use for Public Cloud Diagram-1

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