Scott Walker 08/10/2015
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Well sometimes you want it hot when it’s warm.  Often it’s cold when you need it warm.  And sometimes it’s just right.

Here’s what we experience in the state where I live.  (Why would you live in a state of extremes?  A topic for another day.)

Minnesota Climate Extremes






115 degrees F. *

   July 29, 1917



-60 degrees F.

February 2, 1996

near Tower

Maximum 24-hour change

71 degrees F.

April 3, 1982


Source: © 2015 Minnesota Department of Natural Resources 

In our modern business climate, companies need to know their data.  Business leadership should go through an analysis of company data and determine if it needs to be:

Hot – Warm – Cold

Hot = data can be accessed immediately from an alternate site should something happen at your main data center.

Warm = data exists in a digital state, but would need to be mounted to a server to access it.

Cold = data is stored in archive on tape or other long term storage device.

This exercise will ensure the appropriate solution is being used to provide optimal efficiency and performance of applications and network.  Creating peak production and bottom line results everyone will be happy to report.

At Cyber Advisors we have extremely qualified people available to discuss this topic and provide a road map to follow. Through our partner relationship with Dell, we are able to build solutions that create a hot, warm and cold environment for customer data. These solutions include, but are not limited to:

 Dell Converged IT Infrastructure Solutions 

  • Dell PowerEdge FX architecture enables you to precisely tailor, quickly deploy and easily manage your infrastructure. 

Dell Data Protection 

  • With Dell data protection software and appliances, you can match your backup to your business and build the most efficient and effective solution for your unique business. 

Dell Software 

  • Dell offers a broad portfolio of data center and cloud management software solutions that can help you achieve your IT modernization objectives and meet business needs while simplifying IT management. Optimize IT by streamlining deployment, provisioning, scaling and ongoing administration for your physical, virtual and cloud environments.

Source: © 2015 Dell PartnerDirect

Contact us to discuss a comprehensive data protection strategy for your organization.  Our clients are having great success with Dell Data Protection. Dell is the only vendor to offer a portfolio of proven data protection and recovery solutions that give you the power to match your data protection to your business – now and in the future – saving time, reducing risk and nearly eliminating data loss.

An investment in Dell mitigates a great deal of liability with your organization’s finances and reputation, and it’s easier than you may think.  We look forward to discussing this together at your convenience!


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