Joe Moline 08/18/2017
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We are about to see something that we have not and will not see again in our lifetime.  Well, maybe you can say that about a lot of things that are going on lately in the news, but I am referring to the solar eclipse.  Here is an article on what you need to know.  Most interestingly is that “the tiny of town of Carbondale, Illinois, will be treated to the longest eclipse duration - about two minutes and 41 seconds of total darkness.”

I am not an avid Apple user, but I know many of you are.  This weekend marks a big weekend as people will be able to test iOS 11 public betas on your iPhone or iPad.  Here is an article to ensure you do this safely. With every technical advance there are terrible people out there using the technology for awful purposes.  Here is an article from the BBC on the increased number of predators using cameras on their phones for what should certainly be a crime.

Everyone knows someone who suffers from peanut allergies. I always feel terrible for kids who miss out on what is one of my favorite foods, Peanut Butter!  However, the threat is much more serious for parents who worry about their kids’ exposure to peanuts. Check out this article on a potential breakthrough for peanut allergies.

The media coverage of a future fight between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor is already way too much for me, so I am reluctant to add any fuel by providing a link about this fight, but here is one on their net worth.  Mayweather might be a good boxer, but I am pretty disturbed by the kind of person he is, so I hate that this fight is making him so much money.  I’d rather watch my four-year-old daughter play soccer than this fight, so of the hundreds of millions of dollars that will be made on this fight none of them will be mine. 

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