Terence Kolstad 09/09/2019
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Microsoft recently released some very exciting news- Microsoft Teams will be replacing Skype for Business Online and retirement is effective July 31, 2021. New tenants created now in Office 365 will be provisioned to Microsoft Teams and no longer in Skype for Business Online. Our talented engineers live and breathe in the world of Microsoft and technology every single day, and we've had a flood of excitement, along with lots of questions around this announcement… So the big question is, are you ready for Microsoft Teams?


As your trusted advisors, we're here to help your organization navigate and understand these changes, ultimately, increasing your organization's efficiency and collaboration tools. Microsoft Teams expands on the capabilities in Skype for Business Online by bringing together files, chats, and apps in an integrated app, with functionality that enables organizations to move faster and collaborate more efficiently. Because of the richer user experiences offered in Teams, it replaces Skype for Business as the core communications client for Office 365.


Whether you’re an existing customer on Skype for Business Online, if you have more questions about these changes, or you're ready to start using Teams today, Cyber Advisors is here for you.


Learn more about how Cyber Advisors can ensure that your organization is ready for Microsoft Teams!

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