In the Know - Cyber Security Update - Week of August 27th-September 3rd

Posted by Eric Brown on Sep 5, 2017 7:42:32 AM
St. Jude pacemakers get a patch, your Amazon wishlist could be exposed to anyone who knows your email address, security researchers deconstruct a gift card attack, yet another unsecured Amazon S3 bucket exposes millions of records, and Google reminds site administrators the next version of Chrome will warn visitors if a site isn’t protected with an SSL certificate.

465,000 St. Jude pacemakers to receive a critical patch - a year after a vulnerability was discovered 

A critical flaw in the code of St. Jude, now Abbot, pace makers manufactured before August 28th 2017 allows, would be, attackers the ability to gain access and control the device from up to 50 feet away.

The attacker could issue commands to change the way the device functions or cause it to stop functioning all together.

A year ago (8/26/16) security researchers partnered with an investment firm and published this information.   The investment firm drew ire for shorting the stock, but believed that publishing was the only way to get St. Jude to take action, and that the people who had these devices inside their bodies had a right to know.

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In the Know - Cyber Security Update - Week of August 20th-August 27th

Posted by Eric Brown on Aug 28, 2017 8:19:01 AM

Google removes 500 apps from the Play marketplace due to Trojan horse style spyware, iPhone 7/7Plus hacked, Facebook messenger spreads malware, another Amazon S3 bucket left open, this time exposing 1.8M Chicago voter records. And thousands of IoT device IP address and passwords exposed on Pastebin.



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Topics: Cyber Security

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